Destination of the Month: Many new places to visit in the countryside of Sipoo

The views from the Restaurant Tila in Sipoo. Photo: LikeFinland.com

The countryside of Sipoo, located eastside from Helsinki, is beautiful! At the end of November 2018, we visited places such as Café N’avetta, a home decoration shop Villa Nokkonen, and Gumbostrand Konst & Form! We also visited Restaurant Tila and ate lunch at Willa Söder.


Celebration premises of Café N’avetta, presenting by entrepreneur Johanna Petsola-Helin. Photo: LikeFinland.com


Café N’avetta. Photo: LikeFinland.com

We visited Café N’avetta first! It is located in Sipoo Västerskog, just a few kilometres from Helsinki to east. The products and delicacies of the unique café are baked by using butter and 60-year-old recipes!


Photo: LikeFinland.com


Villa Nokkonen. Photo: LikeFinland.com

The café building is not the only building in the area! There are saunas, celebration premises and also a shop, Villa Nokkonen, that offers home decoration.

The owners of Café Navetta, Johanna Petsola-Helin, and Villa Nokkonen, Tarja Sjögren, have been friends for many years.


Gumbostrand Konst & Form. Photo: LikeFinland.com

We visited also an art gallery, Gumbostrand Konst & Form, in Sipoo Gumbostrand, next to the sea.


Konst & Form's Shop offers Finnish and Nordic design, including G-collection, presenting by Shop manager Rita Nordin. Photo: LikeFinland.com

Gallery manager of Gumbostrand Konst & Form, Charlotta Björkendahl, hopes that buying art would be easy for the customers.

Professional artists have designed an own G-collection for Gumbostrand Konst & Form, design products for daily use that customers can buy at the Shop.

Gumbostrand Konst & Form offers the visitors also a Bistro to enjoy meals and cafeteria products.


Restaurant Tila in Hindsby, near Sipoonkorpi National Park. Photo: LikeFinland.com


Kaisa Rantama (in the middle), Matti Seppälä and Ellen (left). Photo: LikeFinland.com

On the next day we visited a Restaurant Tila. The owners, Kaisa Rantama and Matti Seppälä, and their adult children, Ellen and Aku, are interested in music.

Matti tells us that there have been concerts at the restaurant. They are also planning to organize more concerts in the future.


Willa Söder. Photo: LikeFinland.com


Sini Koponen. Photo: LikeFinland.com

We also visited Willa Söder that offers lunch, catering services, and room for parties and meetings. The owner, Sini Koponen, designed Willa Söder for weddings but now Willa Söder offers also a lunch from Monday to Friday.



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Text: Johanna Hurtig, Henri Elo

We have chosen Sipoo, Gumbostrand Konst & Form and Cafe N'avetta as the Destination of the Month in December 2018. Sipoo, Gumbostrand Konst & Form and Cafe N'avetta are our Star Destinations and media customers.

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