Wanna hideaway? Why not Elves Hideaway! Peaceful nature destination near Levi!

If you wish to experience something new on your trip to Lapland, let us introduce you the Elves Hideaway! This year-round-open home nest of elves will surprise you: it is more than elves, and it’s not a traditional amusement park, but it is very much culture and even more nature.

Picture: The Eleves Hideaway Village

The Elves Hideaway is a large area with many kinds of attractions. Even the unique buildings in this area are worth to see.  There is of course a shop with eternal Christmas,  restaurant and cafe, but there actually is the elves hideaway, too! You can only reach the hideway via secret tunnel, but luckily you’ll get an elf to guide you! There are work shops and guided trips to children and people of all  ages.

The Elves Hideaway Village

And the nature! These Elves will take you winter fishing, ice swimming, to sauna with peat or honey body mask, Lappish ceremony by Shaman… or if you wish a drive in this magical forest, you can choose huskies, reindeer or snowmobiles! The Elves Hideaway is an excellent destination for a day trip besides skiing. It is located only 8 kilometers from Levi Center.

And if you wish more of this peace and quiet, you can even stay there! The Boutique Hotel Taivaanvalkeat wishes you welcome. What a lovely place to hide away! 

The Elves Hideaway Village

Read more on their homepage https://www.lapintonttula.fi/en/Elves hideaway is an attractive destination based on stories, fantasy, culture and mythology of Lapland. It doesn´t compete with traditional amusement parks. There are two strong traveling trends in Elves hideaway: nature and culture. It will be open all year round and it invites travelers from all continents, both adults and children.”

Contact information: 

Palosaarentie 30
FIN-99140 Köngäs
tel +358 16 6510 500

The Elves Hideaway is a LikeFinland ⭐ Star Destination ⭐

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Photos: Elves Hideaway Village

Text: Anne Kinos-Järvinen (original Finnish text: Anne Kinos-Järvinen / article in Finnish)



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