Destination of the Month: The Glass Igloos at Revontuli Northern Lights Resort are a unique accommodation option

We visited Revontuli Northern Lights Resort approximately 45 km from Jyväskylä, Central Finland, to have a look at the new Glass Igloos in the autumn 2018! Jyväskylä is located 270 km from Helsinki.

Petra Tiainen took us into one of the Glass Igloos. According to her, especially the views, the Igloos and the saunas at Revontuli Northern Lights Resort attract international tourists to visit Finland. Photo: LikeFinland.com

The new Glass Igloos at Revontuli are by a lake called Iso-Virmas. We stayed in one of the traditional cottages while the children wanted to stay in one of the Glass Igloos.

Photos: LikeFinland.com

Photo: LikeFinland.com

The Glass Igloos offer something very unique also to a Finn! The views are amazing even without the Northern lights. At Revontuli there are more Igloos under construction! The new ones are going to be even bigger.

One of the current Glass Igloos has one bedroom while the other one has two bedrooms. Both include a shower and the possibility to cook.

Photos: LikeFinland.com

We ate dinner at an American style restaurant called Bowling Diner and went bowling, also!

Photos: LikeFinland.com

At Revontuli there are also many outdoor activities available such as minigolf, disc golf, footgolf, and golf! Near Revontuli there are also a ski centre Häkärinteet (Häkä slopes) and a national park of Etelä-Konnevesi opened in 2014. Read more about the activities here


Revontuli Northern Lights Resort – Holiday Centre in Central Finland

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Read more about the Glass Igloos – All Sky Aurora cabins here.

Photo: LikeFinland.com


Text: Johanna Hurtig, Henri Elo

We have chosen Revontuli Northern Lights Resort and the new Glass Igloos as the Destination of the Month of November 2018. Revontuli is one our Star Destinations and media customers.

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