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Niko Hallikainen: Petrolio

Mad House Helsinki

Niko Hallikainen: Petrolio
Kohteen nimi: Niko Hallikainen: Petrolio
Osoite: Lintulahdenkatu 3, 00530 Helsinki
21.10.2023 - 21.10.2023

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Niko Hallikainen: Petrolio

The theater is a spatial apparatus that runs on representations of struggle. Before anyone on stage is allowed to perform answers to the questions that haunt us, we’re forced to reproduce vistas of intergenerational pain. Human flesh labors over societal ills in the hope of momentary liberation, some passing sense of release, only to return to this birthplace of neurotic suffering night after night. The theater’s historical addiction to social oppression and emotional agony is analogous to the Western world’s dependence on fossil fuels.

Pier Paolo Pasolini was run over several times by his own car, murdered under unclear circumstances.

The theatrical reiterations of social stratification undervalue humanity as negligently as the ongoing deliberate rise in living costs and energy prices.

Petrolio is a new solo piece by performance poet and novelist Niko Hallikainen dealing with different forms of energy crises.

Performance, text, sound: Niko Hallikainen
Lights: Oskari Ruuska
Duration: 90 minutes
Language: English
Supported by: Kone Foundation
Residency support: Acme’s Mind the Gap Residency in partnership with The Finnish Institute in the UK and Ireland
Production: Niko Hallikainen, Mad House Helsinki

Sat 14.10. klo 19:00 (premiere)
Tue 17.10. klo 19:00
Wed 18.10. klo 19:00
Thu 19.10. klo 19:00
Fri 20.10. klo 19:00
Sat 21.10. klo 19:00

Tickets 5–30€, you may choose the ticket price that best suits you. Proceeds go to the artist.

Muokattu: 22.10.2023