Lomalintu – Classy accommodation at Riihivuori Resort


Lomalintu – hyvätasoinen majoituskohde Riihivuoressa
Address: Riihipolku, 40950 Muurame
Phone:: +358 (0)50 306 7248
WWW:: https://www.lomalintu.com/riihivuori

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Lomalintu is a high-quality private accommodation at the top of Riihivuori hill. Lomalintu consists of Riihilintu, i.e. two semi-detached houses (4 apartments) and two holiday cottages Riihitonttu and Riihipeikko.

Riihilintu's apartments can be connected to each other with lockable double doors. One apartment includes two bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom, sauna and modern equipment with household appliances. Families can ask for an offer.

Riihitonttu is a high-class log cabin with a 60 m2 ground floor and a 33 m2 upper floor with loft spaces. The cottage includes two bedrooms with doors, living room, kitchen, bathroom, separate toilet and modern home appliances.

Riihipeikko is also suitable for larger groups. The large holiday home has three bedrooms, a spacious living room and a kitchen. Upstairs there is a separate lounge, with beds. The cottage has a sauna, a terrace and two separate toilets, as well as modern household equipment.

Lomalintu accommodation facilities are located near the Riihivuori Ski Resort in the middle of wonderful nature at the top of Muurame - and above Päijänne lake.

You can get to the top of Riihivuori by car, and from the top there is a beautiful view not only to the Päijänne lake but also towards the lights of Muurame all year round, both day and night.

The area has good outdoor terrains such as the slopes of Riihivuori and the cross-country skiing tracks of Muuratharju, as well as summer routes and frisbeegolf. Muurame's versatile services are approx. 6 km away and Muurame Golf 16 km away. The drive to Jyväskylä city is less than 20 km, or less than half an hour.

You can make a reservation through the website or directly from the host Sari. (lomalintu@gmail.com)

Adrdesses of the accommodation: Riihilintu - Riihipolku 7; Riihitonttu - Riihipolku 11; Riihipeikko - Riihipolku 19, Muurame.

Modified: 12.04.2024