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Haltia - The Finnish Nature Centre


Suomen luontokeskus Haltia
Name: Suomen luontokeskus Haltia
Address: Nuuksiontie 84, 02820,Espoo
Phone:: puh. 040 163 6200
WWW:: https://www.haltia.com/fi/
Open: Summer opening hours: Daily at 10 am -18 pm (1.5.-30.9.)

Winter opening hours: Tue-Sun at 10 am - 5 pm (1.10.-30.4.)

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The Finnish Nature Centre Haltia is a new kind of exhibition and event centre, where you can experience Finland's natural gems under one roof. The Haltia exhibitions introduce you to the magnificent scenery of our national parks, as well as nature experiences in the Helsinki metropolitan area. We also offer great facilities for various functions and events.

We want to offer our visitors touching experiences, inspire them to hike in the wild and help them forge a deeper relationship with nature.

Haltia offers services for recreational visitors, groups, corporate customers and groups of children. You can drop by on your way to the Nuuksio National Park, or stay for a longer visit, enjoying the exhibition, good food and scenic views. Various events held at Haltia offer activities for all nature-lovers and are usually free of charge. Haltia offers the perfect setting for different functions, such as large seminars, meetings and family occasions.