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Soile Yli-Mäyry's Art Gallery


Soile Yli-Mäyryn Taidehalli
Name: Soile Yli-Mäyryn Taidehalli
Phone:: 06-525 7324
WWW:: http://www.soileyli-mayry.com/finnish.html

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Soile Yli-Mäyry of Finland, Doctor, a painter for more than 30 years, makes her paintings by using a palette knife. She uses paint in three ways: a thin, even coat, thick lines and by scraping lines into the painted area, for a three-dimensional look. The main theme in Yli-Mäyry’s work is humanity and people’s alienation from nature in the urban world. Since her arts studies at the Arts Academy in Stuttgart in Germany (1972-75) she has had in 30 countries about 300 solo exhibitions in Japan, in China, in India, in Latin America, in the United States and in many countries in Europe.