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Visiting Lake Tuusula, which is located only half an hour from Helsinki and 15 minutes from Helsinki-Vantaa airport, is like experiencing the whole of Finland in miniature. Our lakeside is attractive and tranquil and it is difficult to believe you are not far from the capital city!

Historical artists’ villas tell you the story of how Finnish culture was created. Come and enjoy the area, with its peacefulness and rich cultural heritage, at your leisure.

Food culture, organic food and local food stand out in many of Lake Tuusula destinations, such as restaurants and farm shops.

The Lake Tuusula area offers great recreational opportunities both in summer and winter - from golf to sailing and from fishing to ice skating. Beautiful scenery and a good bike route attract about 24 km round the lake. Along the way, you will encounter several recreation areas, such as Rantapuisto and Vanhankylänniemi in Järvenpää, and Sarvikallio and Fjällbo Park in Tuusula.

Modified: 05.12.2022