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Hailuoto Island

Name: Hailuoto
Address: Luovontie 176, 90480,Hailuoto
Phone:: 044 497 3500
WWW:: https://www.hailuoto.fi/matkailu/

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Hailuoto is well-known for its unique wilderness and national landscape – the island in itself is quite an attraction. As a result of post-glacial rebound, the island started to form about 2,000 years ago and still keeps on growing at the speed of approximately one centimetre a year. Sand, wind, sea and people have made the island to what it is today.

Hailuoto is famous for its awesome beaches and sunny summer days. The conditions are ideal for boating, camping, fishing, and cottage holidays. Trails and resting points offer peace and quiet as well as a wonderful setting for backpacking.

Artic winter conditions in Hailuoto offer exotic outdoor activities. The vast horizon, silence of the frozen sea, and skiing, ice-fishing, snowmobile riding and other winter activities are well worthwhile. In winter, Hailuoto has also ice road access for a part of the season.

Hailuoto lies within easy access. Various means of transport can be used: come by your car, board a bus, sail a boat or fly over. A 30-kilometre asphalt road runs through the island with a variety of services along the way.