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Pii Poo's LEGO building event 23.-24.9.2017

Vantaan Energia Areena

Pii Poon LEGO-rakennustapahtuma 23.-24.9.2017
Name: Pii Poon LEGO-rakennustapahtuma 23.-24.9.2017
Address: Rajatorpantie 23, 01600,Vantaa
Phone:: 044 980 2552
Time of event::
23.09.2017 - 24.09.2017
WWW:: https://www.piipoo.com/pages/rakennustapahtuma
Open: Saturday 23.9. at 10-18 and Sunday 24.9. at 10-16
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Pii Poo's LEGO building event 2017 is a two-day LEGO themed family event. Event's main attraction is a LEGO Finland made out of LEGO bricks to celebrate the country's 100th birthday. Visitors can participate in building the LEGO Finland on saturday 23rd at 10-18 with 1 500 baseplates and over million LEGO bricks.

Pii Poo Oy hosts the event for the 9th time and again visitors will see Finland's best LEGO builders with their amazing creation and collections, even bigger LEGO System building area, LEGO DUPLO building area for the younger builders, huge variety of LEGO sets to buy and of course the hugely popular LEGO Chaos Pick A Brick with over 500 kg of mixed LEGO bricks to buy.

What does it cost?

8 € - Students/pensioners/children under 15 years old | 12 € - Adults over 15 years old | 30 € - Family (max. 2 adults + children)

Tickets are sold in advance and at the door on both days. Tickets bought in advance are changed to wristbands a the door and they give access to the area on both days. Those who buy tickets in advance will have an exclusive entrance to avoid possible lines. Tickets are sold in Pii Poo Helsinki and on this website. Payment at the door can be made with cash and bank and credit cards.

LEGO building areas

LEGO and DUPLO building areas are open on both days during the event's opening hours and visitors are welcome to build and create what ever they like with no limitations. LEGO System building area is perfect for children and adults over 4 years old and the LEGO DUPLO building area will keep the toddlers occupied for a long time.

LEGO exhibition

The most talented LEGO builders in Finland gather under one roof to display their creations, collections, special sets and more. Come and enjoy Finland's best LEGO creations and largest collections. Retro sets from the 80s, collections of a variety of themes and much more you must see.

Else to see This year visitors can see life-sized LEGO minifigures walking around the event area. Don't be shy and go ask for a picture.

Large LEGO models such as Jango Fett, Chewbacca, R2-D2 and Batman will be also seen in the event. These large creations are made out of 100 % LEGO bricks and are amazingly detailed.

Pii Poo's LEGO shop Pii Poo's LEGO shop offers a huge variety of LEGO products to buy. From over 400 different LEGO sets everyone will find something they like and the Exclusives shelf offers a limited amount of special sets and more.

Pii Poo's LEGO spare parts shop

LEGO spare parts shop is one of the main attrations in our events and over the last three event they have sold out down to the last brick. This year the brick piles are bigger than ever and there will be bricks and pieces from all themes. Come and expand your inventory or find the missing part you need in the biggest LEGO spare part shop ever in Finland. Our shops are open on both days during the opening hours.

Else to know

The restaurant and cafeteria in Energia Areena are open on both days and serve a variety of snacks and drinks. Lunch is served during lunch time. We will upfate this website for any new information about the event. Be sure to check out our site every now and then.

Want to be an exhibitor?

Do you have LEGO sets, own creation, collection or something other LEGO related that you want thousands of LEGO fans to see? It is free to participate as an exhibitor and you get to spend the weekend with other LEGO fans. There are no age or other limitations for exhibitors and last year over 60 exhibitors were helped us to create the LEGO event of the year.

If you got interested please feel free to ask for more info via our websit's Live Chat, email or telephone. Join us and help us create the this year's LEGO event.

Info for exhibitors: Timo Ranto / 044 980 2552 / timo(a)piipoo.fi