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Visit Heinola

Visit Heinola
Name: Visit Heinola
Address: Kauppakatu 4, 18100,Heinola
Phone:: 03 849 3615 / matkailuinfo
WWW:: https://visitheinola.fi/Tietoa-Heinolasta

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For a day or two - or for a lifetime! Heinola surprises the traveller with an abundance of activities and services. The city of Heinola enfolds numerous interesting sights and sceneries surrounded by pure woods and water.

Heinola offers a lot to see, do and experience. Wide-ranging activities, living market squares, museums, exhibitions and events, coffee shops and restaurants. There are also plenty of services offered aiming to physical and spiritual welfare and, furthermore, a varied selection of accommodation possibilities ranging from camping grounds to cottages and cabins, from Bed&Breakfast to hotels and spas.

The quick links at VisitHeinola.fi/en offer guidance in exploring all the chances and possibilities Heinola can offer.