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Kettukallion Elämystila

Lohjan Karstu

Kettukallion Elämystila
Name: Kettukallion Elämystila
Address: Joenpellontie 145, 08100,Lohja
Phone:: 044 988 5760
WWW:: https://www.kettukallio.net/

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Kettukallion Elämystila is located in Finland, 45 minutes from Helsinki. We offer all kinds of experiences and activities from the length of hours to few days. Elämystila is built amongst finnish nature. You can see beautiful woods reflected from the forest pond and enjoy the silence of nature.

Idyllic Elämystila is suitable for spending different occasions from work welfare days to a pre-Christmas party. In Elämystila you can rent smoke sauna and hot tub. Here you can also arrange birthdays, bachelor parties or even weddings in the beautiful and peaceful scenery of our forest pond.

In Kettukallion Elämystila we also offer accommodation. We rent our cabin called Torppa with a separate sauna as well as other unique rooms and cabins for holiday accommodation in the great Finnish outdoors.