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Tentsile Experience Grelsböle

Grelsbölen Tila

Tentsile Experience Grelsböle
Name: Tentsile Experience Grelsböle
Address: Päisterpääntie 156 A, 21590,Sauvo
Phone:: +358 (0)44 533 0701
WWW:: https://johku.com/ecocampgrelsbole
Open: 1.6 - 15.9.2019

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Tentsile Experience Grelsböle

Adventure accommodation Tentsile Experience at Grelsböle Farm can accommodate 1-3 persons in a Tentsile tent, and there are many Tentsiles available - both on the Tentsile hill in the forest, and one also on the seaside. Tentsile tent is a lightweight, portable treehouse suspended between trees.

Reservations in advance: https://johku.com/ecocampgrelsbole Accommodation will open 01.06.2019.

At the Farm you can find a self-service kiosk where you can buy harvest season vegetables, berries and products of the Grelsböle Farm Bakery.