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SE-Action Canoe Centres Siuntio & Espoo

Siuntio ja Espoo

SE-Action Melontakeskukset Siuntio ja Espoo
Name: SE-Action Melontakeskukset Siuntio ja Espoo
Address: Störsvikintie 140, ,Siuntio
Phone:: Siuntio: 045 877 3854, Espoo: 045 245 9344
WWW:: http://www.seaction.com/fi/melonta/melontakeskus
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Paddling close to Helsinki in Siuntio and Espoo: equipment rental, trips, courses

Independent paddlers can rent canoes or kayaks from the SE-Action Canoe Centres. We also transport canoes to a location of your choice.

Canoeing equipment you can rent from the SE-Action Canoe Centre includes open canoes, a variety of kayaks (single and tandem). Rental prices include paddles, life vests and watertight bags.