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Guesthouse Soukaisten Rustholli

Vasarainen, Rauma

Soukaisten Rustholli
Name: Soukaisten Rustholli
Address: Soukaistentie 103, 26740,Rauma
Phone:: +358 (0)500 591 602
WWW:: http://www.soukaistenrustholli.fi/

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Soukaisten Rustholli is an old, culturohistorically valuable building in the village of Soukainen in the town of Rauma. The cosy rooms of the old main building on the farm are in the middle of the countryside, located only 7km from the centre of Rauma. The farmer and his family live in the same courtyard as the main building is situated.

The well-equipped apartment has three bedrooms, a kitchen and a modern bathroom with a sauna. Make yourself at home!