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Visit Vantaa

Name: Vantaa
Phone:: 09 8392 2133
WWW:: http://www.vantaa.fi/#Matkailu
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Vantaa, the 4th biggest city in Finland, offers sights and experiences to meet everyones interests, whether you are into history, science, art, nature or shopping and having fun. You can find something to do for each day of the year.

Vantaa is situated the heart of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, with great connections by air, train and car. Finlands main airport, Helsinki Airport, is located in Vantaa.

Quality hotels, the entertainment and shopping center of Jumbo and Flamingo, and a wide range of different cultural events guarantee that even the most demanding guest will enjoy their stay in Vantaa. In the Tourism section you will find information about arriving in Vantaa, accommodations, shopping, activities, events and conference facilities.